Relationship Recreation Renewal

It's supposed to be fun for the humans and the horses.

Horses Are Our Friends


Music Magic Movement

Horses are quadrupeds, therefore rhythmic movement is natural to them.  Music and dancing rely on the element of rhythm.  Melody and harmony provide motivation for creative movement as well as emotional context for expression.

Humans and horses dancing together is innate and uncomplicated.  Anyone can do it.  Just pick music you like and move around with them like a member of the herd.  

I've noticed animals respond to live music better than recorded music.  Inviting your musician friends to the barn is guaranteed fun!

I play the flute.  Here's a video I made of dancing with horses to music I recorded, using some of the photos from this site.

Dancing with horses is not only fun, it provides great socialization and training.

Friends Forage Freedom 

*Lauren Fraser, CHBC first used the phrase "Friends, Forage and Freedom" to use it to describe the horse's basic needs.  

Check out her Site


It's pretty simple.  Think of the horse first.

They live outside with optional shelter from sun, wind, rain and snow with other horses.  They can move around at will---no confinement in stalls.  This is great for their physical and mental well being.  They are social animals who need to move as much as possible.

 They eat a forage-based diet.  Lots of fresh hay or appropriate grazing with minimal amounts of concentrated calories (grain)--just enough to provide any necessary mineral, vitamin or medicinal supplements.   They chew.  It's something to do.  I use the CINCH CHIX hay nets.  They're durable and the horses will choose the nets over hay on the ground. 

Plenty of fresh water all year around.  Placing the water as far away from the food is a great way to increase their daily movement.  They have plenty to comfortable space to take a nap in the sun whenever they like.

You can get the solar water trough for year round fresh no fuss water.    RANCH TANKS