Notes From My Journey

Natural Hoof Trimming

While looking for a consistent way to care for my barefoot horse's feet, I took the opportunity to attend the​ Oregon School of Natural Hoof Trimming, where I

studied with Cheryl Hendersen in 2011.

While I was at the school I learned about the Abrasive Trim.  I then met founder of the Softouch Natural Hoof Care method, Phil Morarre.  I have been fortunate to study with Morarre in various places around the country and I continue to learn from him online and with telephone contact.

I trim and learn wherever I can.  Hoof care is about balancing nutrition, exercise, environment and equine social life, as well as the actual trimming of the hoof.

One of the Phil Morarre clinics I attended offered some interesting hoof challenges.   I wrote an article about the clinic, published in The Horse's Hoof magazine.